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Who we are

Burleigh County Social Services is a county agency of individuals dedicated to maintaining the commitment of promoting economic and social well-being in the lives of North Dakotans within our community. Through our programs and services, we strive to strengthen and preserve families while fostering independence, stabilization, and personal responsibility. Our primary objectives are to ensure that the health, safety, and basic needs of the children, families, and adults within our community are maintained.               

Value Statements


  •  Burleigh County Social Services believes that all individuals must be treated with courtesy and respect.  The staff’s ability to do so begins with mutual respect among co-workers, supervisors, the director, and the Burleigh County Social Services Board.
  •  Burleigh County Social Services is committed to providing services which are efficient, of high quality, accessible to all, delivered without discrimination and in a timely fashion.
  •  Burleigh County Social Services is accountable to manage the resources and programs in a professional, progressive, and effective manner.
  •  Burleigh County Social Services recognizes that change is necessary for growth and is ongoing.  We must strive to meet those challenges.
  •  Burleigh County Social Service employees are expected to conduct services with integrity, reliability, honesty, and fairness to citizens and colleagues.  Professionalism drives the services we provide. 
  •  Burleigh County Social Services values teamwork and the collaboration of services within our own agency and within the global community.
  •  Burleigh County Social Service employees, as responsible leaders, are accessible to the public, with a broad, balanced perspective on the community.
415 East Rosser Avenue Suite 113
Bismarck ND 58501-4058
OFFICE PHONE: 222-6670
FAX: 221-3384 Administration
FAX: 222-6476 Economic Assistance
FAX: 222-6644 Child & Family Services

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